We are an award-winning charity that matches students retaking GCSE English or maths in further education to top tutors, helping young people to gain gateway qualifications and unlock opportunities.

What we do

Get Further aims to transform the experience of students facing challenges in further education, helping them to build their skills and realise their aspirations for education and work.

We match students facing challenges while studying GCSE English or maths in further education, with one of our top tutors.

We recruit all our talented tutors in house, support them with expert training, and place them in further education colleges to deliver high-quality tuition in English or maths to help students gain these key qualifications.

“Walking into Get Further, I was only aiming for a 4 as it was my third time retaking English and I wanted to get it over and done with. As I continued my tuition, I started to understand things I didn't understand before and quickly improved. Now, I have a 6 and it's all thanks to my tutor and the Get Further team. I am so pleased with the grade I achieved and proud of how far I have come!”

Become a Get Further Tutor

Transform life chances

Young people with GCSE English and maths are significantly more likely to stay in education, study higher-level qualifications and secure better-paid jobs. By becoming a Get Further tutor, you would have a direct impact on the life chances of students facing challenges in education and work.

Kick-start your career

  • Receive expert training on how to be an impactful and engaging tutor
  • Gain unique insight into tackling educational inequality
  • Receive access to expert advice and support for a career in education
  • Build transferable skills to launch your career

Earn £18 an hour

You’ll be paid £18 for every hour of tuition you deliver. You’ll have you the flexibility to build a working week that suits your needs – allowing you to make the most of your time and build your CV.

"I couldn’t believe that I received a Grade 6 - I had jumped four grades with the support of my tutor. I never thought I would get such a high grade."

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