Aaliyah, 18 – Student Testimonial

My college recommended that I have a tutor to help me pass my GCSE English Language resit exam. I needed this GCSE to progress in my Media Studies course. I signed up straight away and was assigned a tutor with Get Further.

Every week for three months, I had 1-2-1 tuition in English Language. I really enjoyed the lessons and the tutor didn’t act like a teacher, it was more relaxed and informal.

I knew I needed to improve my grammar and punctuation so we focussed on this, and then as I was growing in confidence we moved on to reading extracts out loud. As I’m Dyslexic I find reading out loud very difficult but after a few weeks I noticed myself improving a lot.

Although I enjoyed English lessons in school, they were quite distracting. The teacher didn’t have time to focus on just me and at times, I knew I needed that extra support but it wasn’t available. Whereas the tuition enabled me to take the lessons at my pace, asking questions when I wanted more clarity and to focus on areas that I needed to improve on.

After a few months of tuition I completed a mock GCSE English Language exam. I couldn’t believe that I received a Grade 6 – I had jumped four grades with the support of my tutor. I never thought I would get such a high grade, I’m really proud of my achievements and so are my parents.

A few of my friends are also having extra tuition and although we don’t talk about it, I know they’re improving their English too. I think it should be normal to have a tutor, so it’s great that I’ve been able to benefit from this as well through Get Further and college.

I would definitely recommend anyone to have tuition. I’ve enjoyed it so much and it has hugely increased my confidence in English. My grammar, punctuation and reading skills have improved, and I’m now able to progress in my Media Studies course. I want a career in the film industry and I know that passing my GCSE English Language exam is an important part in making this happen.