My teacher informed me about the Get Further programme for extra support with mathematics. I was quite eager to sign up for a tutor as I knew I needed the extra support and I needed to really work on and improve my maths. You need maths in everyday life and in order to be able to progress further in education, I knew I needed to make some changes and not shy away from the fact I find maths difficult.

Through Get Further, I had two tuition sessions a week for an hour and 30 minutes. It was a very small group and some of my sessions were one-to-one. I found the sessions so engaging especially as the groups were small – it was easier to ask for help and have things explained. The sessions really helped build my knowledge and understanding of maths. I have always found maths difficult and complicated but the Get Further programme changed this for me and also helped me gain confidence with methods and my overall approach to maths.

I am so pleased I signed up for the tuition sessions and I wish it could have continued for longer. I found that in mock exams, I could approach questions that I used to shy away from or avoid. I learned techniques to break a problem down and always pick out the key bits in the question. My tutor was amazing – after my first session I felt much more determined and continued to push myself. I felt comfortable to say if I didn’t understand something, which is something I couldn’t do in my maths class. I was so pleased with the structure and method of teaching – it really worked well for me. And the tuition booklet is so excellent – I even completed questions outside of the sessions. The ‘I do, you do’ structure is such a good idea because it gives the tutor a chance to show how to do it and then I get to do it for myself after seeing how it’s done.

Sometimes people may be fearful of getting help with maths but sometimes you just need that extra bit of support to get you there. Within the programme, I felt pushed and challenged and this really motivated me because it made me want to do better. My tutor saw potential in me that I did not see in myself. I really surprised myself with how well I got on in the sessions.

The programme has helped me so much with my maths overall. I feel so much stronger at maths and feel like I can conquer difficult and wordy questions. I cannot thank Get Further enough for this excellent tuition that has helped me ever so much. I have seen such an improvement with not just my maths mock papers, but also with simple everyday maths.

I would definitely recommend Get Further to friends. The results from tuition sessions have been amazing and it has had such a positive impact on my maths. I hope the programme continues to support and help people achieve their grades. It has been such a great opportunity and I am really pleased to have been a part of it. I have seen outstanding results with my tuition and I am so thankful for the support and help I received throughout the sessions.