Catriona – Tutor Testimonial

I’ve been a private tutor since 2014 and I was very conscious that I was only teaching children whose parents could afford the lessons. It didn’t seem fair to me. After my teaching contract ended at a university, I wanted a new challenge and spotted an opportunity to work for Get Further.

I was drawn to them because of their social mission and values – they’re tackling education inequality head on. I was excited by the prospect of helping teenagers who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity of extra tuition.

The students all attend a further educational college and have enrolled in vocational courses like plumbing, construction and hair and beauty. These students didn’t get the grade they needed in English Language GCSE and I’m helping them to prepare for their re-sit. They need this vital GCSE to progress with their courses and/or with their future careers.

I teach weekly classes lasting an hour with one to three students, in which we complete a range of activities that will help them pass the exam. Usually we start with a few short exercises in spelling, punctuation and grammar, and then we move on to longer tasks like reading comprehension and mock exam questions.

These lessons make such a huge difference to the students’ confidence. One student in particular got a fantastic grade in her mock exam after repeatedly failing it.

It’s rewarding for me to see students progress, and to watch their enthusiasm for the subject grow. It means so much to me when I see them really engage with a text and show a genuine interest in what I am explaining to them. Studying English isn’t only about exams; it’s also about gaining cultural capital – and these students are genuinely keen to expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

I would strongly recommend being a tutor for Get Further. They’re always on hand if you need support, and they make it easy for you to do your job. They have excellent, well-designed resources that you can use. I’m really grateful that I don’t have to spend hours preparing for each lesson; they do all the hard work for you.