Why did you choose to sign up for tutoring with Get Further? 

I choose to sign up for tutoring with Get further because I wanted to do more maths in the week to gain my knowledge so there is more of a chance in passing maths when it comes to my exams in May/June. If it wasn’t for signing up with Get Further, I would only be doing 3 hours a week. Therefore, I signed up and have enjoyed doing the online calls every week. Another reason for signing up is because its free (no charges), normally a maths tutor is really expensive, so this helped too.  

What did you like about your tutoring sessions? 

I liked the tutoring sessions because it was nice to be in a small group of up to 2-3 people learning maths, it made me concentrate better. The tutors at Get Further are really lovely and helpful, they explain the maths really easily to help us understand, they are really talkative and patient when I struggle sometimes which makes me feel at ease.

What difference do you think having a tutor has made for you this year? 

A big difference, it’s definitely made my knowledge better to be prepared for up coming exams. I think if I hadn’t of signed up for tutoring, I would still be a bit unsure and concerned that I don’t know enough to pass my exams, but now I have had tutoring I feel more confident in myself because I have had more hours of maths to prepare.