Functional Skills Tuition Programme

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This innovative course was designed to prepare current or prospective apprentices to pass Functional Skills Level 2 English and maths and thrive on their apprenticeship, in turn helping employers to bring a diverse pipeline of talent into their workforce. 

We started this programme because, every year, thousands of people miss out on apprenticeship offers or drop out of an apprenticeship due to lacking English and maths qualifications. This locks many learners out of valuable education and training opportunities and costs the apprenticeships sector millions. This expertly designed course sets out to change this.

The programme includes:

Tailored, small-group tutoring sessions.    

Learners receive 55-hours of tuition in groups of no more than three and are set approximately 10-hours of carefully selected independent study tasks. The programme can be delivered online or in person and the delivery model can be tailored to your needs. Options include: 

  • 2 hours of tuition per week delivered over six months. This could include an exam after three months for those ready to progress. 
  • 4 hours of tuition per week delivered over three months. This could include an exam after six weeks for those ready to progress. 

If the above options do not suit, please get in touch so that we can discuss a bespoke model. 

Highly-qualified tutors, selectively recruited by us and trained by expert teachers to deliver impactful sessions.

All our tutors must pass a subject test and have a strong subject specialism (at least an A-level or equivalent in English or maths or a related subject, and are in possession of or studying towards a degree). They are also screened for their communication and relationship-building skills, and empathy for learners. Successful candidates are trained in subject specific pedagogy, including how to adapt resources to effectively tailor sessions to the individual needs of different learners. 

All the workbooks and resources needed for programme delivery. 

Our bespoke curriculum resources are informed by insights from research in cognitive science. They are designed and developed by teaching experts to close gaps in knowledge and build confidence among post-16 learners. Sessions are sequenced to prioritise mastery of foundational knowledge and concepts before progressing in complexity. There is regular planned interleaving of topics to allow for retrieval practice; live modelling and scaffolding to support understanding; and specific feedback and direction for improvement. The booklets are visually easy on the eye and straightforward to follow.

A dedicated Programme Coordinator to oversee programme delivery. 

One of our Programme Coordinators will work closely with your team and take responsibility for tasks such as enrolment, timetabling sessions and other logistics, and they will carry out a research-informed engagement strategy to ensure attendance on the programme remains high.  They will support tutors on the programme through regular observations, informal check-ins, and feedback. This keeps additional workload for your staff to a minimum while ensuring a high standard of delivery.

This programme can be funded using the Adult Education Budget, among other sources. It can be purchased individually or as part of a wider package with our Resit Tuition Programme and/or our training and resources.   

To request a copy of the full scheme of work or to find out more about the programme, please fill out the contact form below. 

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