Become a Get Further Tutor

Our tutors are first-rate graduates with the passion for using their subject knowledge to boost prospects for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and close the gap in educational inequality

"...the students and I leave each session with a real buzz that they’re making progress and gaining in confidence."

Becky, Get Further Maths Tutor 2018

Why Should You Become a Get Further Tutor

Without GCSE English and maths, young people are at greater risk of dropping out of education by 18, can struggle to access higher-level qualifications and can face limited opportunities for progression in work.

By becoming a Get Further tutor, you will help students facing challenges in further education to improve their skills and gain key qualifications, supporting them to realise their aspirations for education and work. You will use your knowledge and enthusiasm to transform their life chances – and open doors for opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise access.

At the same time, you will build a suite of transferable skills, learning how to teach and motivate and supercharging your CV – all while earning. Through Get Further, you’ll have the flexibility to study or work in other roles, alongside tutoring – giving you a unique opportunity unlike most other graduate schemes.

How It Works

  1. Apply via our online form

  2. If your application is successful, we will invite you to an assessment centre

  3. If your application is successful at the assessment centre, we will invite you to complete Get Further training

  4. As a qualified Get Further tutor, we will then seek a tuition placement for you among our partner colleges

I would definitely recommend anyone to have tuition. I’ve enjoyed it so much and it has hugely increased my confidence in English."

Aaliyah, 18 – Student


Once you have completed the Get Further training, you will join our pool of Get Further tutors. We will then start looking for a tuition placement for you among our partner colleges. Our main programme start dates are in October/November and January/February. Placements continue until the students sit their GCSE exams in May. Note, tuition is only delivered during term times, so there are breaks for the Christmas and Easter holidays and half terms.

We ask that all tutors agree to deliver a minimum commitment of 12 weeks of tuition. If you decide that you cannot do the full programme from October to May, you must give Get Further at least six weeks’ notice, so that we have the opportunity to find a replacement tutor for the students.

Tutors should have or be expected to obtain a 2:1 (or above) degree. In addition, we require our tutors to have either an A Level (or equivalent) at grade B grade (or above) in an English or maths-related subject. For English, we consider subjects such as: English, history, politics or sociology. For maths, we consider subjects such as: maths, physics, chemistry, economics or statistics. In some cases, we will consider tutors for maths if they don’t have a maths-related A level qualification, if they have demonstrated a strong performance at GCSE maths (A or A*). If you are unsure whether you meet the subject requirements, please get in touch.

Tutors are also required to have good English Language skills (note, in some circumstances, we may ask for proof of your English Language skills).

We also conduct an enhanced DBS check (formerly a CRB check) on all tutors. Unfortunately, even if you have previously had a DBS check, we will need to run another one.

No, you will only be asked to tutor one subject in a Get Further programme (although you can tutor in both subjects if you meet the eligibility criteria and attend the training for each subject).

In previous years, Get Further delivered programmes in London and the South East. For 20/21, we are expanding the programme to other regions in England, including Yorkshire and the Humber, the West Midlands and the North East. If you are interested in applying to Get Further, please get in touch to discuss the options.

Tutoring sessions are delivered at a college. We try to match tutors to a college that is convenient for them and where there is no more than 1 hour travel time door-to-door.

Face-to-face tutoring sessions cannot take place off-college premises. Given the current public health crisis, tuition would continue online in the event of a local lockdown.

Each tuition session is an hour.

You will tutor no more than three students per session.

You can deliver a minimum of 1 hour of tuition per week, but in most cases our tutors deliver more hours than this. Applicants complete a working preferences form following our Assessment Centre where you can share information on the number of hours you are looking for and your availability.

We will work with you and the college to arrange a timetable that suits your needs. We aim to save on travel time, with the tuition sessions delivered in blocks of 2-4 hours (with up to 2 blocks a day). Tuition sessions will be delivered in college hours – in the majority of cases between 9 – 6pm.

You don’t have to prepare anything for the tutoring sessions. All the resources are provided for the students and the tutors throughout the programme.

There is no marking required of tutors after tuition sessions. We ask that you complete a very short session report after each tuition session you deliver.

The Get Further resources take the form of a tutor workbook, with the questions, recommended methods and answers. To accompany this, students receive a workbook containing the questions only.

To maximise the impact of tuition sessions, resources have been designed and edited by expert maths and English teachers, with thousands of hours of teaching experience and a fantastic track record. They utilise evidence-based English and maths approaches based on insights from research into cognitive science and psychology – to help ensure students really do ‘Get Further’ than they have before in their education.

All Get Further students are studying GCSE English or maths in college. Many have attempted the qualification at least one time previously and their prior attainment is around a grade D (now a 3) or E (now a 2). The majority of our students have a target grade of 4 or 5 (previously a grade C).

Our maths and English resources are designed to support these students to achieve their target grades and consequently, our tutors deliver content that is no higher than GCSE grade 5 (previously a grade C). All the questions, recommended methods and answers are provided for tutors in the resources.

Our students are a mix of 16- to 18-year-olds and adult learners (aged 19+).

We review applications on a rolling basis.

The last stage of our application process is for candidates to complete the Get Further tutor training. Tutors must have attended Get Further training before they start tutoring. During training, tutors will cover how to engage and motivate young people, the principles of effective English or maths pedagogy, how to deliver tuition with impact, and your statutory safeguarding requirements.

Tutors are not paid during the training for Get Further, but when we invite tutors to attend our face-to-face training events, we provide free refreshments and reimburse travel expenses.

Please note that tutor training in autumn 2020 will be delivered online.

We reimburse travel expenses for any face-to-face tutor training but not for weekly tuition. You will receive £20 per hour for every hour of tuition you deliver, and we arrange tuition in blocks to minimise travel time.

We try to match tutors to a college that is convenient for them and where there is no more than 1 hour travel time door-to-door. If as part of your college placement, you have to travel between different colleges in the same block of time whilst tutoring, we will cover the cost of travel between colleges.

Click here to complete our online application form. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to the next Get Further Assessment Centre.

If you are successful following the assessment centre, we will invite you to the next Get Further Tutor Training and ask you to complete an enhanced DBS check.

Once you have completed the Get Further training, you will join our pool of tutors. We will then start looking for a tuition placement for you among our partner colleges.

If you would like more information about applying to become a Get Further tutor, you can book a call with one of the Get Further team.

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