Volunteer With Get Further

Every year, we run a Revision Booster delivered by top volunteer tutors with a background in teaching or subject specialism – giving students the extra boost they need before their exams.

We’re looking for individuals with at least one work volunteer day to attend our Booster sessions in April – June. We provide all the resources for tutoring leaving you to focus on delivering tuition with impact. Applications are now open!

“I volunteered with Get Further because, simply, I miss teaching - and the scheme will let me use my skills to help students in a meaningful, targeted way...”

Mike, Get Further Maths Tutor 2018

Why should you volunteer?

Without GCSE English and maths, young people are at greater risk of dropping out of education by 18, can struggle to access higher-level qualifications and can face limited opportunities for progression in work.

By volunteering with Get Further, you will use your work volunteer time to make a real difference, helping students facing challenges in further education to get ready for their GCSE English or maths exams.

At the same time, you will broaden your skills, enhance your CV and join a movement of Get Further volunteers – while giving something back.

How It Works

  1. Submit an application by 20th March 2020.

  2. If your application is successful, we will invite you to complete a DBS check and attend a webinar so you know what to expect.

  3. You’ll sign up for one or more Booster sessions at a college, using your work volunteer time. Get Further provides you with all the resources for tutoring, so you don’t need to prepare anything in advance.


Volunteers should have an English or maths-related specialism and/or a background in teaching. This could be A Level (or equivalent) at grade B (or above) in an English or maths-related subject, or a higher-level qualification, such as a degree. For English, we consider subjects such as: English, history, politics or sociology. For maths, we consider subjects such as: maths, physics, chemistry, economics or statistics. In some cases, we will consider tutors for maths if they don’t have a maths-related A level qualification, if they have demonstrated a strong performance at GCSE maths (A or A*). If you are unsure whether you meet the subject requirements, please get in touch.

Volunteers are also required to have good English Language skills (note, in some circumstances, we may ask for proof of your English Language skills).

We also conduct an enhanced DBS check (formerly a CRB check) on volunteers.

You will only be asked to tutor one subject in one Booster session – although you are invited to apply for more than one Booster in either subject, if you meet the subject requirements.

At the moment, Get Further works with students attending colleges in London and Cambridge, but we are seeking to expand the programme to other regions. If you are based outside of these areas and are interested in taking part in Get Further, please get in touch to discuss the options.

The Booster sessions are delivered at the colleges we work with.

Some Boosters are for half a day – others are for a full day.

You will support no more than three students per Booster.

You don’t have to prepare anything for the Booster sessions. All the resources are provided for the students and the tutors.

For the Booster, we have a tutor workbook, with the questions, recommended methods and answers. To accompany this, students receive a workbook containing the questions only. Our resources have been designed and edited by expert maths and English teachers, with thousands of hours of teaching experience and a fantastic track record. They utilise evidence based English and maths approaches based on insights from research into cognitive science and psychology – to help ensure students really do ‘Get Further’ than they have before in their education.

All Get Further students are studying GCSE English or maths in college. Many have attempted the qualification at least one time previously and their prior attainment is around a grade D (now a 3) or E (now a 2). The majority of our students have a target grade of 4 or 5 (previously a grade C).

Our maths and English resources are designed to support these students to achieve their target grades and consequently, our volunteers deliver content that is no higher than GCSE grade 5 (previously a grade C). All the questions, recommended methods and answers are provided for volunteers in the resources.

Our students are a mix of 16- to 18-year olds and adult learners (aged 19+).

Ahead of the Booster, you will be invited to attend a webinar covering training on our resources, your statutory safeguarding requirements and what to expect on the day.

Unfortunately, we do not cover travel expenses for our Boosters. We do provide free breakfast and lunch for the Boosters.

Applications will open in early 2020 for Boosters in April-June that year.

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