I can’t express how grateful I am for having a Get Further tutor. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn anything this year, as it was done remotely. After the first month with a tutor, I saw myself being more on the ball in class and understood everything. I really enjoyed being on this course.

I knew I needed to improve my English and boost my grade, by going through grammar mistakes and some practice papers. So my tutor focused on this, and then as I was growing in confidence, we moved on to reading extracts out loud. Before tuition, I didn’t read many books, so at first, I found reading out loud very difficult. But after a few weeks I noticed myself improving. After a few months of tuition, I completed an online GCSE English Language timed assessment. I couldn’t believe that I remembered all my knowledge from Get Further and used it in this exam. I couldn’t have done this without having a fantastic tutor.

I would recommend anyone to have tuition. I’ve enjoyed it so much and it has hugely increased my confidence in English. My grammar, punctuation and reading skills have improved, and I’m now confident that I can have great results and hope to progress further in my education. I want a career in Cyber Security, and I know that passing my GCSE English Language exam is an important part in making this happen.