Teaching has always been at the back of my mind as a career choice. I’m currently a music teacher but I wanted more structured experience so I joined Get Further as a tutor.

I teach English and maths to a small group of students that didn’t receive the grades they needed in their GCSEs. In the English lessons we practise different types of reading to increase their confidence reading out loud and in groups. We have group discussions to analyse texts before moving onto individual mock exam questions.

The maths lessons also follow a similar structure. We practise different numeracy skills together like geometry, percentages and fractions before moving on to more exam-based questions, which they do independently. We go through the answers together so they can learn from each other.

Most of the students on my course are at college studying health and social care so they need their English and/or maths GCSE to progress on their course. The impact has been steady. You can see them start to increase their confidence and they go from not believing they can pass their exams to the belief that they can.

One of the things I like about tutoring is finding clear ways of explanation. When you see a lightbulb moment in the students, and they’ve finally understood a maths problem or a piece of text after years of not getting it, it makes me very proud of them.

Tutoring with Get Further has been a very valuable experience. They look after you really well, and provide you with a fantastic training programme that gives you a real insight into teaching. I’m hoping to go to music college next year but tutor with the charity as a part-time job.