Our Curriculum

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Curriculum Resources and Tailored CPD

We offer flexible CPD and curriculum development support for both English and maths (GCSE and Functional Skills Level 2), as well as a fully-resourced GCSE Maths Resit Curriculum Package

We equip FE providers with a research-informed curriculum products specifically designed by expert teachers for post-16 education and empower teachers to use resources to maximum effect with CPD sessions and ongoing support.  All of our curriculum and CPD services can be tailored to your specific needs by our Curriculum Managers, and can be purchased individually or in conjunction with one of our tuition programmes. 

You can read about the pedagogical principles that underpin our curriculum below:

Principles of Pedagogy

Our innovative curricula are designed by expert teachers, using insights from cognitive science and mastery principles to boost confidence and close gaps in knowledge. There are eight strategies that underpin our curricula:


Effective Sequencing 


Informed by the principles of cognitive load theory and retrieval practice, topics are sequenced and interleaved at specific intervals to secure fundamental understanding before increasing complexity and challenge over time. 


Well-Modelled Examples 


Our tutors are trained to use built-in models from our resources to share the cognitive load with learners by demonstrating best practice and breaking processes into simpler steps, fully preparing learners to practise independently. 




Each lesson breaks topics down topics into their sub-components, helping students to identify underlying skills and support understanding. 


Carefully Chosen Examples 


We focus learners’ attention on mathmatical relationships through the careful selection and sequencing of minially-different problems. 


Purposeful Practice 


Activities are designed to build mathematical fluency and support students to gain confidence in skills that enable them to attend to more complex problems. 


Embedding Core Knowledge 


Lessons are led by a focus on technical accuracy, spelling and grammar through short, specific recap tasks which embed students’ foundational reading and writing knowledge. 


Reading Strategies 


Using approaches to independent reading, group reading and teacher read-aloud, tutors keep students engaged and motivated when encountering new texts by modelling reading, asking questions and giving corrective feedback. 


Vocabulary Instruction 


Explicit instruction of high-leverage tier 2 vocabulary alongside powerful study of word roots, prefixes and suffixes unlocks meaning for students when reading, and aids their clarity of expression when writing.