Why Sign Up For Get Further?

Are you aged 16-19 and studying maths and/or English? Read our blog to find out why you should sign up for a place on Get Further’s award winning tuition programme


Titus - Student

“I decided to start on the Get Further programme because I wasn’t achieving in the classroom setting. The pace was too fast, and the content was beyond my capabilities. I like the fact that the tutoring sessions directly link to the provided booklet, also they are easy to follow. As well as this, my tutor Bryn is very good and takes an interest in my progress. I think that having a Get Further tutor has given me more confidence in maths this year. It has also led me to understand more of the content than I would have otherwise.

Titus, 17

I liked the tutoring sessions because it was nice to be in a small group of up to 2-3 people learning maths, it made me concentrate better. The tutors at Get Further are really lovely and helpful, they explain the maths really easily to help us understand, they are really talkative and patient when I struggle sometimes which makes me feel at ease”

Emma, 17