Get Further tutors are making a real difference to the life chances of students in further education

“It has been great being involved in tutoring for Get Further. The students are really enthusiastic and motivated, the organisation and set up of the programme makes it so easy to be part of. And most of all, the students and I leave each session with a real buzz that they’re making progress and gaining in confidence.”

Becky Stokoe, Get Further Maths Tutor 2018

"I joined Get Further because, simply, I miss teaching - and the scheme will let me use my skills to help students in a meaningful, targeted way. The high quality resources help me fit the tutoring around a full time job. After a great first session I’m looking forward to the rest of the programme!"

Michael Sherry, Get Further Maths Tutor 2018

"We feel that the ‘Get Further’ programme offers an important opportunity for our students and one which they may not have been able to access otherwise. Sessions have been well organised and student feedback extremely positive."

David McClymont, South Thames College