Without GCSE English or maths qualifications, young people are drastically more likely to drop out of education

Every year, around 200,000 children miss out on gateway qualifications for further study or the world of work

Without GCSE English or maths qualifications, young people are at greater risk of dropping out of education altogether

Missing out on a grade C in GCSE English by just one mark increases a young person’s chances of not being in education by 18 by a third.

They can struggle to access higher-level qualifications

Many university courses or higher apprenticeships set English and maths GCSE at grade C or equivalent as entry requirements

And as adults, opportunities to progress in work are limited.

Some 70% of employers rate literacy and numeracy skills as one of their top considerations when recruiting school and college leavers.

Further education colleges are grappling with severe recruitment challenges. This means there is a shortage of specialist English and maths teachers to help students get the extra support they need to catch-up.

Rather than improve on their grade, students at further education colleges, on average, go backwards, and get a lower grade in English and maths than they achieved at 16.

16 isn't too late!

Young people deserve a meaningful chance to improve their English and maths skills after they leave school.

Talented graduates can get a taster for teaching while supporting these students, and opening their opportunities.