Updates from our New Functional Skills Level 2 Tuition Programme

Back in January, we were excited to launch a pilot tuition programme in collaboration with London South Bank Colleges, supporting learners to develop the English and maths skills they need to pass their Functional Skills Level 2 and thrive on an apprenticeship. Four months on, here’s an update on how the programme is going.

Every year, thousands of people miss out on apprenticeship offers due to lacking Level 2 English and maths qualifications. This disproportionately affects learners from disadvantaged backgrounds – one in two of whom leave school without GCSE English and maths each year – locking them out of valuable education and training opportunities.  

This also poses challenges for the apprenticeships sector. Over half of those studying for a Level 2 English or maths qualification alongside their apprenticeship do not complete their course, causing providers to lose out on £1.8 billion in potential earnings over the last 4 years.  

We set out to tackle these issues, designing an innovative programme based on research-informed pedagogical principles that provides each learner with 55-hours of small-group tuition and 10-hours of supported independent study tasks. We were thrilled to partner with South Bank University Group to deliver our programme, with delivery commencing at Lambeth College in January. 

Who are we supporting at Lambeth College?

Our programme at South Bank Colleges has supported 42 adult learners, 16 of whom are enrolled for both English and maths tuition. The majority of these learners are currently employed by NHS trusts. A significant proportion also work for local councils, including Lambeth and Tower Hamlets.

Once they have secured their FSQ L2 English and maths, these learners aspire to complete a range of apprenticeships at Level 3-6 in subjects including Occupational Therapy and Therapy, as well as other programmes such as Higher Development Awards.

Daniel Gonzales, Curriculum Head for Entry to Employment at South Bank Colleges, on why they chose to collaborate with Get Further on this pilot and how the programme is going so far:

Feedback from learners 

Survey responses from learners on the programme have been overwhelmingly positive. When asked to rate how likely they would be to recommend the programme to others on a scale of 1-10, learners gave an average score of 9.4, with over 70% of learners giving the top score of 10. 

Learners have also passed on positive feedback about:

  • Their increased confidence in their ability to develop the English and maths skills they need. 
  • Our tutors, the respect and consideration they have for them and their learning needs, their patience and their clear explanations of concepts covered in the course. 
  • The structure and content of the study booklet and the home study elements of the programme. Specifically, how these resources help them to recap learning and draw connections between the skills they are developing and the upcoming exams. 

At the start of May, we had the opportunity to thank the Wates Family Enterprise Trust for their support of the programme by hosting their Executive Director, Felicity Mallam, on a visit to the college. Felicity had a chance to see sessions in action and talk to some of the learners about their experiences of the programme and education more generally, as well as their ambitions for future study and work.

We look forward to assessing the impact this collaborative programme has after learners have sat their final exams in July. 


Want to help your learners to secure the English and maths skills they need to pass their Functional Skills Level 2 exams and thrive on an apprenticeship? We are now taking on new partners to deliver collaborative programmes in 2024/25.  

To register your interest, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email our Head of Apprenticeships and Parterships, Annabel Richardson, on annabel.richardson@getfurther.org.uk.